Manual Software Testing

Implementing manual software testing means software testers manually execute test cases without the use of any automation software. This plays the role of the end-user as it focuses on trying to find as many bugs in the application as fast as possible. The bugs are compiled and collated into a bug report, which is passed on to the developers to review and fix them. The primary aim is to make a software defect free. It ensures a software works according to specification so it often tests usability, performance and the overall software quality.

Our Approach

Exploratory testing
Exploratory testing is a manual test that allows us to interact with the application and see if it fits the description and specification.

Manual regression testing
In this method of verification, we help you to confirm that a bug fix, recent update, or code change to a software product or web application has not negatively affected existing features.

Test case execution
We use this as a guide through a sequence of steps to validate and ensure whether the software application is working as it should.We deliver to you a good test case with good writing skills, We pay attention to detail and we have an in-depth understanding of the software application. Depending on the magnitude and scope of the software you’re testing our development team that comprises of designers, DevOps, or a QA lead create these test cases.

When doing test case execution, we execute the code and compare the expected result with the actual results. Our development team execute the tests, create the bug report and report the status of each one.

Why Insbytech

This manual process is a cumbersome activity, as it requires several stages such as: Unit Integration, System and User Acceptance Testing and this process requires certain set of qualities; patient, observant, speculative, creative and innovative skills.

INSBYTECH is the right place to be. It has a strong team of testing professionals to take challenges and deliver most complicated and time pressure jobs.